FIB Emergency Response Team Clan

FIB ERT clan offical website

Please take your time to read the about us section below before joining
I am happy to welcome you to the official website for the FIB emergency response team clan! 
Our clan is a professional and realistic Xbox 360 role play clan who play on grand theft auto 5. As ERT we will only respond to serious crimes such as shootings, assaults and terrorist attacks. 
If you wish to join the clan here is a quick description of what the clan is about and what you will need to be able to join. Firstly you will need send me an application either on this website via a message or over Xbox live@GROOVY 4PPLE, if your application gets accepted then i will set up a interview with you to find out if you are able to be a part of our clan. You will get a reply within a 48hrs telling you if you have been accepted or denied, you can submit another application 2 weeks later if you get denied. Before sending in an application please make sure that you have grand theft auto 5 for Xbox 360, that you are 13 or above and that you have a mic. This is a mature role play clan who play every Wednesday and Saturday at 1600cst. once you have been accepted in to the clan you will be become a cadet until you have completed the clan training and probation where you will be closely watched by our supervisors and command staff to see how you perform and if you require any further training. Once you completed the probation you will become a agent in the FIB, after this you can also apply for many roles that we provide.
we do not copy the FBI to exact realism but we do use real tactics and policing techniques. we play structured games with scenarios that have been well thought through. we hope this answers your questions if not please do not hesitate to send me a message.


Special agent in charge,

Assistant special agent in charge,
Teh Zanzibar

Our roles

In our clan you can plays as a wide variety of roles such as TSU agent (Traffic services unit), TRU (Tactical response team), paramedic, fire fighter and many more. to start with everyone is trained as a agent but when you pass the training you will be able to take on any role that you choose from.